by Jon Corbin

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An adventurous combination of hip-hop and folk music, based around lyrics designed to inspire the listener into positive work in their community.


released March 23, 2012

Produced by The Runaway, James Bloemendal & Matt McKenna

Jon Corbin - vocals, beat box
James Bloemendal - guitars, electric bass, vocals, stomps, handclaps
Matt McKenna - piano, keyboards, percussion, vocals, handclaps
Marc Rogers - acoustic bass
Roger Travassos - drums, percussion
Caroline Brooks (of The Good Lovelies) - vocals
Leslie Morrow - vocals
Youngdo Kang - additional lyrics
Joshua Miller aka Shua James - demo production for "Teach The Children"


all rights reserved



Jon Corbin Milton, Ontario

Jon Corbin (fka The Runaway) is a Canadian hip-hop & spoken word artist with lyrical themes of faith, love, family, social justice and personal growth. Jon has spent more than a decade performing on stages big and small, providing a dynamic show that represents the basic tenets of hip-hop: peace, love, unity and having fun! ... more

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Track Name: Inspired
Lord, frustration sets in
Saturday night & I’m singing blues again
This is more than jams on the radio
I’m jamming on the one and the night’s just begun
For the fellows, felines and felons
Games of cat and mouse
There’s no telling…
Where it’s gonna end up tonight
There are people in the club in a fight for their life
Some will escape. Some won’t make it
Some heads & hearts will ache when awakened
I see the game played and it grieves me
Results in disease or a seed
And I seethe at the way that people are exploited
Used and abused (for) selfish enjoyment
Deep down my heart hears a message
Don’t count ‘em out, cause everyone’s precious
Inspire them to learn their lessons…

I am inspired to start the fire
I want to make a change and I gotta see it through
I am inspired to start the fire
I want it so bad and I can’t do it without You

Inspired to start the fire
I won't retire until I see the liars
Exposed for trying culture, emotions dire
Peep the words emerge from town criers
See an act that you can't admire
Get in the mix and adjust like pliers
Balancing act like birds on a wire
Like Ike and T I’m gon' take you higher
Some are on the block I'm posted right here
Called to make soulful jams, it's quite clear
Instead of tunes that ensures my provision
Why not write some rhymes that'll change people's living?
I'm so glad I'm forgiven!
(I) Couldn't earn it
Speak life? I yearn it
This mic I burn it!
Pray for the gift to discern it
Songs with the key for life we must turn it
Songs that will take your life and rework it!

I am inspired…

Inspire your friends and inspire your foes
Inspire your family and those you don’t know
Inspire the fans and inspire the critics
Inspire the best and the worst that ever did it
Inspire to love God and to love our neighbours
Inspire those that are lazy to love the labour
Inspire the homecoming those that were scattered
Inspire the hopeless to know that they matter
Inspire The Runway beyond Round Two
And my inspiration is for you!
Track Name: Teach The Children
It's easy to use my position as a teacher
And rag on the students I'm trying to reach
Fear of the young ones, Generation Y
Push against the system, they won't comply
Hardcore instead, drugs mess with heads
Stimuli for the spiritually dead
Conversely, push to university
They paper chasing and I'm sitting here nervously
And certainly, I see the difference here
Between the homegrown and kids whose parents disappear
I feel fear cause I know they're steady working
Mansions on a hill with no furniture to fill
You gotta feel the emptiness that's inside
I too felt the sting of teen suicide
Seems we're learning deep mental lessons
Our kids are burning for parental blessings

What’s on your mind?
What takes your time?
The pressures rise
Confusion climbs
But left alone…
We got to teach the children
Right now

I'm on my Cornel West
I'm on my Cornel West
Big smile match the heart in my chest
Won't stop till the poor get blessed
I'm on my Cornel West
Talking loud and risk the unrest
Put your faith to the test
See if you’ll live the words you confess
I’m on my Michael Eric Dyson
Book smarts and street smarts combining
Be aware of all of your talents
Put them to work in good balance
I’m on my Tony Campolo
Kingdom of God gets the promo
Sociology, no apology
Seeking justice – if you’re down, follow me!

What’s on your mind…

The poets say we gotta teach em
The singers say we gotta reach em
The Father’s Heart is for each one
Let’s give ‘em something to believe in
Track Name: Time After Time feat. Caroline Brooks of The Good Lovelies
Hello Mr. Runaway
Looks like you ain't having fun today
You got it going on -some say
But sometimes life don’t go your way

So you call
I pick up the phone when it rings
Lately you've been saying the same things
Maybe you forgot all that I can bring
And my place in your life that's amazing

Whatever you do I still love you
When you don't come through I still love you
You got your own style, just run you!
As long as my love still shines through

I know you wonder why you bother
Growing up is hard without a father
Story of your life, I'm the author
Remind yourself of what I have to offer

If you’re lost, you can look and I will find you
Time after time
If you fall I will catch you, I will be waiting
Time after time

Runaway and the Midwife
I've been proud of you my whole life
Marriage brings the good times and the strife
But my history you can't fight

My presence is there for you
Manna everyday is brand new
Hard decisions given to you
But I know you’re capable to

So when you want to scatter
Know your friends pray for the matter
Loose your fear of what comes after
your way My strength, choose the latter

And when you face disaster
Know your friends pray for the matter
Loose your fear of what comes after
your way My strength, choose the latter

If you’re lost, you can look and I will find you
Time after time
If you fall I will catch you, I will be waiting
Time after time
Track Name: When I Get Home
I'm just trying to make the noise stop
Drown the sound with a non-stop speakerbox
Nervous - like a first date, knees will knock
Desperate - like an author who needs a plot

This running away I know it needs to stop
The pressure's rising and I'm feeling hot
I yearn for the days of the fresh wind
Lord, I need some refreshing!

But when the days get darker & the times are trying
I say I'm strong enough I know I'm lying
You say, here's some space you need
A safe place and my grace to be

It's clear to me, I am breaking free
When I take the gift that was paid for me
There are moments in time where I'm allowed to transcend
And true peace coming around the bend

Oh, when I get home
I’m gonna lay my burdens down
Oh, when I get home
We’re gonna sing sweet harmony
Oh, when I get home
I’m gonna rest my weary soul
Oh, when I get home

Lift my eyes to the sunny sky
Horizon that speaks to the day's end
Keep waiting; this jam won't stop
We got a lot of time for celebration

Of making it through the hard days
Where our spirits seemed to part ways
Walking blind, as in a dark maze
We made it through now’s our time to party

So settle in at my spot feel the
Cool breeze swaying the tall trees
All these and more have been given
For fighting the good fight and living

In the truth that I am forgiven
Inspired with words to keep driven
To find that peace when I retire
And the rest that I hope to acquire

Oh, when I get home…

Let the singers sing
Let the players play
Let the hands clap
We'll do it all day
Let the singers sing
Let the players play
Let the hands clap
We'll praise You all day

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