Round Two

by Jon Corbin



released January 26, 2010

1) Away We Go - beat by The Runaway
2) Bless You Too (Structural Damage remix) - beat by Re:Flex
3) Heart Mind Body Soul - beat by MatAmax
4) Lord I Need Ya remix feat. Crisis - beat by The Runaway
5) Time To Think - beat by Qu-C
6) Spit Hot Fire - feat. Sivion, ILL Seer, Shua James, Shad, Relic, Braille & Die-Rek beat by Theory Hazit

7 - 11) The EP Instrumentals

Executive Produced by The Runaway and MataMAX for Walkdown Sound
All songs recorded and mixed by MataMAX for Walkdown Sound, except for
"Spit Hot Fire" mixed by Relic for Gamma Delta Productions
Mastered by Sundance at Sound Disciple Studio



all rights reserved


Jon Corbin Milton, Ontario

Jon Corbin aka The Runaway is a Canadian hip-hop & spoken word artist with lyrical themes of faith, love, family, social justice and personal growth. Over the past 10 years he has performed on stages big and small, providing a dynamic show that represents the basic tenets of hip-hop: peace, love, unity and having fun!

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Track Name: Away We Go
Away We Go

Runaway I rep Ontario
Respect the architechts like Maestro
Hardcore rhymes with an old school flow
Got my endorsement the crowd says OH!!!
Got no time to brag about dough
Like Sivion stay in the know
One of these emcees just might blow
Flip the script and bless the whole show
That's the next pitch I'm bout to throw
Feels so good that the crowd want mo'
Sing about the first cut like Sheryl Crow
Maybe one day they'll play me on Flow
Tale of the tape is a blow by blow
Living in Canada dealing with snow
Think twice before I turn pro
Make hot tracks I'm ready to go!

It goes 1, 2, 3... away we go!
Rocking loud for the crowd on the dance floor
It goes 1, 2, 3... away we go!
Rocking loud for the crowd on the dance floor
All aboard the fly train of soul
Deep in the spot with sights to behold
It goes 1, 2, 3... away we go!
Away we what? Away We Go!

Round Two and the Runaway's on this
Like J. Sheppard I show Promise
An honest rapper is my credo
Make my lyrics tight like speedos
Ego juxtaposed with cerebral
And these flows hold a little bit of each
Mix in a little bit of faith and action
You'll find these lines much more than rapping
(So) Watch me levitate, gravity deviate
Soaring high above the crowd norms
Always been one for doing things different
Missing the target as much as I hit it
Now, now, I'm not a Malcolm or Martin
I'm a matchbook that loves firestarting
Whole world is twisted, love to uplift it
Misfits in the fold to change the whole